I can safely assume 98% of us should be doing homework




Jennifer Lawrence is my hero.

I can never not retweet this. She is my inspiration

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 #so jim kirk walks into a bar



do u realize that the elevator scene is probably the first time Peeta has seen boobs irl


i like how he looks at katniss like omg do u have those

I remember a man stopping me in Oxford Street
once, looking at me with absolute incredulity; he
couldn’t believe it. He said, ‘Tom Baker?’ A man in
his late thirties. I said, ‘Yes’. He said, ‘Tom Baker?’ I
said, ‘Yes!’ And he looked at me and in his brain he
catapulted back in time and he said, ‘You know, when I
was a boy, I was in a home for children; nobody wanted
us, you know? It was terrible. And you made Saturday
night good.’ And I went to say something to him and I
could see him so close to tears that he couldn’t speak.
And he shook his head as if to say, ‘Don’t go on, don’t
remind me’ and he just did [a thumbs up]. Such a
common thing, isn’t it, but suddenly backed up with
an expression on his face through his tears that was
a knighthood. It was a knighthood. Just thumbs up,
meaning it was great, and thanks. It’s incredible, isn’t
it? Just a gesture.
—Tom Baker (via timewandererdavid)